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House and WorldDo you know how easy it is to purchase power for your home or business in Glastonbury from clean, renewable energy sources without the expense of installing your own solar panels or wind mill? Learn more about the CT Clean Energy Options Program below.

Learn how you can help the Town earn free solar panels to power a Town school or other facility when you sign up to buy clean energy. See below for details.

Find out how you can save money on your electric bill and support clean energy by clicking here.

Did you know that the Town has been buying power from clean, renewable energy sources since 2006? Click here to see what the Town has accomplished to date through this program.

Why should you buy your power from clean, renewable energy sources? Click here to understand the benefits.

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CT Clean Energy Options Program Overview

The CT Clean Energy Options is a program approved by the Department of Public Utilities Control that allows any Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources, such as wind, small hydro, and landfill gas. Currently, about 93% of the electricity we use comes from coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power. Domestic renewable sources are safer, reduce air and water pollution and our dependence on foreign oil.

When you sign up with the CT Clean Energy Options program, you remain a Connecticut Light & Power customer with all of their services and benefits and a steady supply of electricity. You will still receive a bill from CL&P every month. You'll be paying just pennies more a day to support domestic, renewable, clean energy that is better for our environment.

Help the Town Earn A Free Solar Panel System

For every 100 households or businesses who sign up for the CT Clean Energy Options Program the Town of Glastonbury earns a free solar panel system for use on a public building from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. To date we have earned six photovoltaic systems (five solar panels each), four of which have been installed on the roof of the Glastonbury High School where they now produce free energy from the sun.

Click here to see how much energy the GHS solar panels are generating today! A photo of the solar system on the roof of Glastonbury High School is shown below.


Solar Panels

Sign up for Clean Energy!

You can arrange to purchase electricity from one of two companies working in partnership with Connecticut's CTCleanEnergyOptions program: Community Energy, Inc. or Sterling Planet; and you have a choice of either 50% or 100% clean energy sources at varying prices.

Visit you can sign up online (have your 9-digit CL&P account number and Customer Name Key handy).

Hydro Electric Dam

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: If I enroll in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program will I continue to receive service from Connecticut Light and Power?

Answer: Yes. Whether your energy generation is provided by CL&P or by a CLEAN energy supplier, all customer service will continue to be provided by CL&P since they own the local transmission network. CL&P will therefore continue to maintain the wires, respond to power outages, and handle all billing and other customer service.

Question: If I sign up for the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, does that mean that clean energy is being delivered directly to my home or business?

Answer: No. The clean energy that is being generated is being delivered to the regional electric grid and will displace an equal amount of electricity that would have been generated from traditional sources, such as nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas-fired generating plants. Once in the system, the electricity from clean sources (like the electricity produced from any generator) follows the path of least resistance and, thus, cannot be delivered to a specific location.

Question: How does the town benefit?

Answer: It's great to know that our town is at the forefront of promoting clean energy use. For every 100 Glastonbury households or businesses that enroll, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund gives the town a free solar photovoltaic system to put on any municipal building. So far we have earned six solar photovoltaic systems, four of which are currently in use on the roof of Glastonbury High School.

Question: How do I sign up?

Answer: Go to where you can find more information about the program and sign up online.

For more information contact Stephen Braun, Assistant Town Engineer at 860-652-7735