Information and Emergency Services During Power Outages

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In the event of extended power outages such as experienced during Storm Irene and Winter Storm Alfred, the Town of Glastonbury provides emergency information and services as generally outlined below. Specific services are largely dictated by the storm event or emergency situation. 


Subject to the specific power outage or emergency conditions, the Town Emergency Call Center is activated. The call center can be reached at (860) 652-7578. Operating hours are generally 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. subject to specific conditions.


Glastonbury's primary emergency shelter is located at the Glastonbury High School (GHS) Gymnasium, 330 Hubbard Street. The emergency shelter is activated and staffed on an as-needed basis. Up-to-date information will be available through the Call Center. Comfort stations are also available as conditions dictate at the GHS Gymnasium and/or Riverfront Community Center, 300 Welles Street.

When leaving for the shelter, several reminders include the following:

  • Bring bedding and toiletries; medications, oxygen equipment and personal items.
  • Ice will be available for medications; however you will need to bring your own cooler.
  • Remember to bring house keys when going to shelters; garage doors may not work.
  • Notify a family/care giver of shelter location.
  • Shut off city water or well pump before leaving the house.

No alcohol allowed on premises. 


  • Residents with special needs are strongly encouraged to register with the Town. Click here to download the  registration form.
  • Oxygen dependent residents should have a 5 hour oxygen non-powered supply and should contact their supplier for  additional needs. Should the oxygen supply run low during a major emergency, report to a designated shelter with a  5 hour bottle of oxygen and your electrical powered oxygen concentrator.
  • Arrangements should be made for nearby residents to check on elderly relatives and neighbors twice per day.
  • Residents should have a minimum of three (3) days supply of medications that require refrigeration. A small cooler  and four (4) frozen ice packs are recommended to keep medications cold in the event of loss of power.
  • A minimum of seven (7) days supply of non-refrigerated medications is recommended.
  • If going to a shelter, bring all medications/oxygen equipment with you and notify family/care giver of the shelter location. 


As needed, shower facilities are made available at Glastonbury High School generally from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily through the duration of an extended power outage. Those visiting shower facilities at GHS are required to bring appropriate supplies (towels, soap, shampoo, etc.)

Subject to specific conditions, additional facilities are made available and publicized through the Call Center on an as-needed basis. 


Charging stations are typically made available at Glastonbury High School and/or the Academy Building Cafeteria at 2149 Main Street. Hours of operation are generally 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. As with other services and facilities, actual hours of operation are condition dependent.

For those with special needs, facilities are made available to charge wheel chairs. Specific information is available through the Call Center. 


As needed, residents may obtain potable water at four Glastonbury Fire Stations. A garden hose(s) will be left outside each building for residents to use. Residents must provide their own containers. Fire Station locations are as follows:

  • Fire Station # 1, 2825 Main Street – a garden hose will be located in the rear of the building. Use Pratt Street to    access the fire station
  • Fire Station # 2, 905 Main Street – a garden hose will be located in the rear of the building
  • Fire Station #3, 1089 Chestnut Hill Road – garden hoses will be located in both the front and the rear of the fire  station.
  • Fire Station #4, 1247 Manchester Road – garden hoses will be located in both the front and rear of the fire station. 


 Internet services, as applicable, are provided at the Academy Building Cafeteria, 2143 Main Street from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Such services are condition-specific with up-to-date information available through the Call Center.  Time will be limited to 20 minutes per session when others are waiting.  Subject to the scope of power outages, several local businesses within the Town Center provide Wi-Fi availability to customers.  Examples include Panera Bread, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.  The Welles Turner Library and Riverfront Community Center also have Wi-Fi available.  Again, this availability is subject to the scope of power outages


During extended power outages, residents often are using generators for the first time and should make sure that the generator has been properly installed to avoid back feed into CL&P's system that might cause injury to Town/CL&P employees or anyone near a downed line. Generators should be properly grounded and should never be plugged directly into a home's wiring. Generators should be placed outside and away from the house as much as possible to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your electric meter or the electric cable attached to your home has been damaged, you will need to contact a licensed electrician to make the needed repairs. When completed, please call the Building Inspection Department at (860) 652-7521 to schedule an inspection. When you call, the Town will need your name, address and electrician’s name and CT license number.

It is strongly advised that if you have downed power lines and trees on your property to stay away from them. Avoid attempting to block the area with caution tape and accidentally touching the wires as they may be live.

Those customers who utilize sewage grinder pumps for sanitary sewage disposal should restrict water use (toilets/sinks) unless your pump is tied into an emergency power system.

If frozen pipes might be an issue, it is recommended that the water supply to your residence be turned off and that faucets are slightly turned on to allow for them to trickle.

Residences that depend on well water should consider filling a bath tub prior to a pending storm with the threat of a potential power outage. Water from the tub can be use to fill your toilet’s tank and allow you to flush the toilet. It is recommended that residents have at least a one gallon bucket available for this use. 


Townwide collection of debris generated as a result of a storm is dictated by the severity of the storm event, as well as extending the operating hours at the Town’s waste disposal facilities and the waiving of disposal and or permit fees. Town sponsored debris collection from properties will only occur in response to significant town wide storm damage and/or other extenuating circumstances/critical situations and is subject to formal budgetary appropriation and Town approvals. Residents are reminded they should not move debris to the road side with the expectation that it will be collected by the Town unless a directive has been issued. Also under no circumstances should the debris be placed in the roadway. 


The preceding outlines basic resources, information and services available, as needed, during extended power outages and other emergency conditions.

Additional information and resources are made available on a case by case basis through the Town web site at and the Emergency Call Center (when operational) at (860) 652-7578.