Wendy Mis, Glastonbury Health DirectorWendy Mis, MPH, RS
Director of Health
Phone: 860-652-7534

Fax: 860-652-7533

Our Services

The Health Department is responsible for preserving and protecting the public’s health. Environmental programs include water, sewage, food protection, epidemiological investigations, and housing. Disease surveillance and follow-up of communicable disease is a priority for the Department. The Department also provides educational programs on health issues, and screenings and immunizations for high risk groups.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, efficient and comprehensive services through technology, communications and professionalism to ensure continuing enhancement of the quality of life.

Goals and Objectives

Our goals for 2014-2015 include completing the inclusion of health department property information on the Town's GIS website to include well construction and location details and continuing to build upon the strides made with the Health Alert Network.