Social Services

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Our Services

Social Services are provided free of charge to any Glastonbury resident in need of services for themselves, or to a resident who is an unpaid caregiver for someone else. Specific Services provided include: Support GroupsOutreach Social WorkFuel and Energy Assistance ProgramsFood and Nutrition ProgramsProperty Tax and Renter’s Tax Relief ProgramsMedical and Health InsurancePrograms for Families and ChildrenServices for Disabled Adults

The Social Work offices are located at the Riverfront Community Center, 300 Welles St., Glastonbury. Residents may make appointments to meet with a Social Worker in the office, or at home if needed. To make an appointment or to speak with a Social Worker, please call the Community Center office at (860) 652-7634.

Several of our special programs depend upon monetary and item donations. For more information or to make a contribution, please visit Donations, Gifts and Contributions.

Local Services 

Beyond the services offered by the Town of Glastonbury directly, there are numerous local organizations who can be of assistance with various needs including:

Social Services

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Our Mission

The mission of the Social Services division of the Human Services Department is to promote the well-being, self-sufficiency and quality of life among Glastonbury residents of all ages by administering and developing programs and initiatives which provide individuals and families with necessary support and opportunities.